September 23rd, 2002

oh my this is my life, I live in this hell of overhead lighting

Back to school, ring the bell, nouns and books and show n tell.
I can tell that we are going to be friends.
Yes I can tell that we are going to be friends.

Message on my journal to Heather: I have so much reading to do right now so I do not think I can take the bus. But maybe another day this week before you leave? I will call you tonight if you do not call me and we can make solid plans. Do make a pretty girl out of a wrench.

The letter was not returned, but the boy rode his bike by my house. We spoke of men into women and men with a little woman in them. Made plans for lunch. I will be at his house for lunch. Luck.

make a move on me and I probably wont push you back. I aint' no runt, come on girl and give me your.

Who wants to watch Koogo with me?
That one movie with the rabid dog?

You know a good date movie? Blue Lagoon. Remember that one? Major sexy film, as I remember from being a little one. Maybe I just liked the boys tan skin and golden, curly locks.
Oh Eni where hast thou run off to?
The arms of another.

I am just kidding.
I think I will turn and act as a boy does, how a boy should.
I will just go from one to the other.
Hit it and quit it eh?

Dear didn't you know I would have danced for you?
Cold breakfast and a drumming beat.
Dance boys Dance.
Shake your booties my sexy muffins.

xo Elektrik Muffin xo
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    The Clash...oh yeah sugar pie.

.Ode to the boy with his eyes closed.

Love let me sleep tonight.
On your couch.
And remember the smell...the fabric of your simple city dress.
We walked around till the moon got full, like a plate.
And the wind blew an invocation.
And I fell asleep at the gate.
And I never stepped on the cracks cause I thought I'd hurt my mother.
And I couldn't awake from the nightmare.
It sucked me in and pulled me under, pulled me under.
I love you, but I'm afraid to love you.

I imagine.
Gazing upon my two cent polish.
I imagine wine in our glass.
My lips.
Your lips.
"It's just like kissing"
I smile because, truly, I have no idea.
Lips saved?
But happy that nothing ever touched them before you.
Eyes closed at the sight of you.
Such a pain it is.
Never to speak.
This just keeps the dream well.

Tonight I'm feeling like an animal.
All I want is to be with you again.

My mother just walked in and called me rude, under my breath...I said fuck you.
It is true.
I am scorned and I need to find a place to be alone.
I am too old to live under someone's rule.