September 20th, 2002

oh dear oh dear oh dear

I am in the library at this instant. I am supposed to be researching for a class, a class I wish to drop, a class I will drop.

The feeling you get when things do not go just right.
I have dropped.

I am so sad right now.
I can not say why.
I can not explain.
Could be because I have not seen my friend.
Could be because beauty is taken by the masses.
Could be because I am feeling ill.
Could be because I need something new.

Do you know where I am?
Can you help me get back here.
I am down.
I am low.
I am finding out how much the norm is taking over. I would become that for something, but then again...who would I be? Not me...just a thing, a part of some scene. Ick.

I choose to look like a little Swedish-Italian.
Caca Catzi.