September 19th, 2002

I have a honors chem test in minutes, I know nothing, I am going to die.

Just completed a math test. I like math, math is fun. I am not sure what you do with a math degree if not to work as a teacher. So I shall not pursue it past education of my own self.
I am very tired and quite disappointed that I am already an Honors slacker kid and it has only been...what...three weeks?
Did I say I was going to a wedding with fire dancers and drums this weekend? I am, it is going to rock beyond belief.
Not sure what I will wear, it is quite out of the ordinary...I do not know if I should wear lace or some sort of sequined number.

I am much too amorous for this little room, I am oozing hotness...I am not flattering myself I am just saying the idea of it.
Save me.

some indie emo pop in the math class...strange

Rant she says, by the electric muffin (aka Kaila Koala)

This is no place of education for our good, it is a partial-life day care system created by elders to find a place for young people; to hold off the takeover of their jobs and authority. "Might is Right", therefore, young and frisky teens would very well take their rightful places in the world of co.'s and inc.'s on wallstreet. Without this jacked system known as "high school" (which can easily be absorbed with general education in college) old people would be killed off or housed much sooner. What a thought...death or no high school.