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divorced's Journal


18th September 2002

2:22pm: ahhhhhh it is not getting, it is hot in here.
It is way too hot up in here.
That is all I can say.

No one has tried to find me.
Where is everyone?
Has the plane landed?
Is the break over?

GR--email today, yesterday, coming to visit us soon. lucky you.
Current Mood: hot
5:16pm: I'm gonna take you big town, come on New York...cough cough moan moan I am Tom W. I cough well
I am going to look for you until I am blue in the face.
Right now my face is like...the White Stripes: red and white.
It is much too hot to write in here, look I am already relating my skin tone to newly mtv accepted indie bands.
It is an old day and I am already sick of it.
I am over this cycle: up and then back to bed, only to get up again.
What is the point?
Up or down?
Make a choice.
I choose no school, I choose no hot air cutting me up, I choose no silent echoing of my tears fallen upon the floor.

I went to the dentist today.
I used to love the dentist.
My new office is old and spooky and dirty and ick.
So I did not like the dentist anymore.
But then I did because my new dentist is cute and like the smiths.
Now I don't because he freaks me out, much too clean...very big and white teeth.
I liked your white teeth, but this is different.

My teeth are very clean though; I would bite your neck and leave no trace of my love.

I am going with my mom and my buddy to a wedding this weekend. There are going to be fire dancers and drums and djs and other crazy things, and a service by Tom (Papa Tom of the phoenix theater). Crazy old punk rockers getting married now, having Tom do their services.

I would have Tom Waits do mine, in song...you crazy devil you.
Turn everyone on with "Ice Cream Man" and get everyone in love with his hoarse yet soothing voice.

But I have yet to find a boy to take me to the other wedding. I have asked a million people I think, and there are some I am not allowed to take...some who just returned from the ocean...cough cough...nevermind.
I think I will take my original date Jane. I mean, I wanted to take on of my friends that is a boy because they could save me from slow dancing with old men my dad married me into. But no no no. No one will take me...maybe I will ask Eni. He is my bud, and he is nice. Oh but if only I could bring my Southern boy. He would brighten the day with his smile and his charm. My friend. He says he is coming soon. But how soon is now?
Current Mood: cynical
5:44pm: My panties are pink. I prefer my indie boys in little boy undies to match their little boy bodies.

Your Secret Fetish Is Panties!

Mmmm... panties.

You might like them fresh out of the wrapper or incredibley nasty and dirty.

Chances are that you and your lover keep your underwear on during sex...

and that you can be caught peeking up skirts from time to time.

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