September 17th, 2002

uhhh I change my mind! I do want you madly and badly.

Where in the world is Colin fucking King-Bailey?
I am getting the idea that he wont truly be home until tomorrow.
"me and your mom, on the night we met...I never never forget...that night"
I really can not wait another second.
It is just so pent up.
And the cats and wind are noisy and I think it is him knocking.
Rosie was talking about his body today and I almost burst.
Damn these raging hormones.

"Mother do you think they'll try to break my balls"
I take it back dear.
I do love Eni, I do.
Please stop this crazy world.
I chose him.
I was not the first.
But I will be the last.
Please dear.
Let's start from the beginning.
I promise it is no joke.
I want to love you.
I want you madly.
Eni, Eni, Eni.
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    Cat Stevens

I love I love I'm ready to love yeah...Cat Stevens

Four of the most beautiful boys I have ever met for whatever reason...

Grant---he transcends the possibilities of beauty and coolness and I will always love him.

The Bread Wanting Boy---he has this way of attracting the pants off of anyone with his intellect and the way he moves his hips in a sexy dance with everything he does.

The Dream---what can I say? Breathtaking, a thing I can not reach for, someone seen by all as beauty.

Eni---when I saw him I knew his beauty and his truth were real, he was like me...accidently unadulterated and alive.

The most beautiful woman, besides my mother, for all reasons...I must admit without a doubt.
Is Lauren Parish.
My best.
My kismet soul.
My other hip.
Without her I die.
And for her I live.
When the darkness swept over us...we lived only for each other.
I could never leave her, she could never leave me.

Then there are Mollie and Jessica, with eyes that pierce through your soul and make you feel lucky to be around them.
Ashley, a heart so big, so able to is a breath of air to hear her words, to see her smile.
BLT, has this charm about her that makes every man want to be c'sed.
Heather, with her classic yet unique beauty, something that takes the fear out of being in love.
Nina, her smile...her hand on her face, innocent yet wicked. Som you lucky devil you.
Rachel, talent and a little hot ass, wow. Again, Mikey what a lucky man you are.
Wow I am not going to name all the people I know. But Marcelle, her smile makes you feel loved and that is enough for me. DJ M, he is the essence of hotness (no that is no come on, he is taken) and if he ever says to you "you want strip" say yes.
Amy, Amy has this clean look to her which I find to be quite lovely.
Yeah so yeah.
Enough of this.
But to me, everyone and everything is death...I can see the beauty in it all.