September 11th, 2002

sweet as whine

First things first.
My old teacher told me that I looked like a woman.
I suppose I do.
The only thing different is my hair.
I knew it made me look like an old woman.
Maybe she just dropped the old part.

Second thing.
Who wants to be my date. I need a date for my father's wedding, requirements: Must be ok with a huge amount of family gossip and drama, and a mesh of Pixies and maybe some Bauhaus if we are lucky.
I need a date for a friend's wedding too, requirements: must be 20 or younger, and be down with a huge insane spectacular, with magicians and such, and a whole lot of good old music, mostly Clash and Sex Pistols I would assume. I need a date, to save me from being sucked in and put back out do to my lack of escort. So yeah. Drop me a line my little friends.
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