September 1st, 2002

I was going to make reference to Austin Powers but I lost my spelling and can't say father in Dutch.

My face hurts.
My face is angry at me.
It has never been like this before.
I think I might be sick.
Normal people say it is fine, but I know.
It is eating my bone structure away.

So I have trig next year. Want to know something odd? I like math. I do. Well Algebra. I was excited to be having that class last year. I am not sure how I will like this one. Even though I get A's in math, I always test poorly. Does anyone want to tutor me in math for my SATS? I would like to aim in the 600's 700' I am a dork. But that is what I got on the PSATS, I just want to go a little higher.

I have to go to work soon, old job, and I realized I woke up an hour early. So I turned on my little machine.

My tattoo is still alive, I avoiding it with the loofah of death in the shower.

I miss C. I had a dream with him last night, I was hugging him because he was home. I tried to smell him, but could not. This could be because I have allergies now. To what? I do not know. But I really want him to be home. I worry about him now that he is in some area away from Prague.

I am so happy right now, I wont say why, despite my traumas.
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