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September 2002 - thefawn
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by thefawn:

09:31 am: I was going to make reference to Austin Powers but I lost my spelling and can't say father in Dutch.
05:27 pm: (no subject)

03:44 pm: changes. Someone is crying, I can hear them but I can not see. - 2 comments
04:50 pm: All I'm saying pretty baby, la la love you don't mean maybe...1st base 2nd base 3rd base home run.

02:57 pm: da da da da, now I am only a little unhinged, watch your mouth! - 4 comments

05:51 pm: I don't want to hear it Sam, I can't hear it anymore. I am shutting my door, come in and be quick. - 2 comments
06:24 pm: Crying just means the blood will follow the tears.
06:46 pm: This needed to be said again. There is death and life on my lettuce.
07:41 pm: gh

03:29 pm: shelter in a monkey brain. - 1 comment
11:16 pm: I wanna feel passion, I wanna feel pain, I wanna weep at the sound of your name.
11:26 pm: I hate this mind set.

10:52 am: V. S. yes. I suppose it would be one of those Maxwell.

07:56 am: What I needed was a little white lie.
03:29 pm: This charming man. I think I cut him...what do you think? - 5 comments
04:59 pm: Wave of mutilation

03:26 pm: Oh you pretty things, don't you know you're driving your mamas and papas insane. - 6 comments
07:41 pm: my new bracelet says...organic asparaus.
07:59 pm: The music is true, I've got a crush on you. - 1 comment

05:00 pm: you soft and lonely, you lost and lonely... - 2 comments

02:28 pm: sweet as whine - 3 comments

03:17 pm: sneak into their radios.

03:21 pm: **.we're chained.** - 2 comments
03:42 pm: I got a broken face.

08:47 am: this is making me late for work.
06:42 pm: I think I see some muscles?

05:29 am: I feel alone, dead, and like I was tipsy at one time. - 1 comment
12:20 pm: 1. super-faded in the heart 2. almost threw myself at a car today 3.virgin==slut? - 3 comments
06:06 pm: ooo uuu I love you.
06:47 pm: air is nice when it goes in right.

03:37 pm: You say it's horrible out there. It's horrible in here too so just stay where they put you. burn. - 3 comments
04:08 pm: uhhh

03:24 pm: uhhh I change my mind! I do want you madly and badly.
03:36 pm: I love I love I'm ready to love yeah...Cat Stevens - 6 comments

02:22 pm: ahhhhhh it is not getting, it is hot in here. - 1 comment
05:16 pm: I'm gonna take you big town, come on New York...cough cough moan moan I am Tom W. I cough well
05:44 pm: My panties are pink. I prefer my indie boys in little boy undies to match their little boy bodies. - 1 comment

08:13 am: I have a honors chem test in minutes, I know nothing, I am going to die.
12:29 pm: some indie emo pop in the math class...strange
06:37 pm: all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you. - 1 comment

09:03 am: oh dear oh dear oh dear - 2 comments

12:06 am: boys I said how beautiful, how beautiful you are...she glitters like a star.
01:33 pm: in general.
11:47 pm: I think I just rubbed glass into my face. Ouch.

02:21 pm: heroina. awaiting your translation.

07:22 am: oh my this is my life, I live in this hell of overhead lighting - 1 comment
04:21 pm: make a move on me and I probably wont push you back. I aint' no runt, come on girl and give me your. - 2 comments
04:35 pm: .Ode to the boy with his eyes closed.
05:20 pm: someonewhoimedme: you are so effin cuuuuuuuute

10:46 am: XO.let's fall and get me some new gum. XO - 7 comments
07:49 pm: turn around, bowie is making the kids amorous and you are getting a little too hot for safety.

07:14 am: Bob Dylan in the pants of a thirty five year old sex machine?!! WOW Jane Fonda=Barbarella. WOW - 1 comment
03:49 pm: I just walked home and I did not even say goodbye. How far do you want to go?

07:25 am: quickly I must go and learn my math. - 1 comment
03:25 pm: finally, this sorbet has touched my lips, and I am full of joy. - 3 comments
07:33 pm: I said cowboy take me away. I just realized that I have one CD that is not "odd" music. - 3 comments

07:26 am: .around you, everybody acts like nothing's changed. around you.
07:12 pm: here I am, here I go. - 4 comments

03:35 pm: wow wow wow - 3 comments
06:31 pm: "I remember your face imprinted on angels" A. sorry to steal it.
07:09 pm: lullaby - 1 comment

08:04 am: vulgar. nothing in particular. gummi bear porn? - 3 comments
06:56 pm: and a cross around my neck

07:22 am: This is scary, I think my class is listening to Creed. That is death.
08:59 am: I think I might cry, I am a formal nerd. - 2 comments
11:07 pm: All our pretty songs, and he likes to sing along, and he likes to shoot his gun.
11:16 pm: (no subject) - 1 comment