August 29th, 2002

Kaitay and Die.

Death. I do not know what else is going to happen here. I am dead.

Last night was one of the worst I have seen.
Have you ever felt like the people you care a lot about and consider to be your friends actually hate you? Yes, maybe so. But yes. So horrible, death. So yes bad show, bad vibes, hate. Friends yeah, I am getting the feeling that the majority of folk hate me. And strangely enough it is people I do not know so well...last names...all that loveliness. Horrible. Death. Kaitay.

Then I wake up early to go to the registration for school. It was a huge ordeal to get my mom to fill out the forms for who knows what reason. But I walk there, and they see that my mom forgot to sign ONE thing ONE! So now they wont let me get my sched or pictures done. They are mean to me. I start to walk home and I just cry, burst out. I fall to the ground and just weep. I cry for the big deal it was for my mom to sign it, I cry for being tired, for my mom having to work so much, I cry for how mean the ladies were, I cry for last night, I cry for how loathed I felt, I cry that Lauren is not there, and I cry for Colin not being home for me to cry at his house. Nothing is more humbling than a big cry.

oh joy another drama for my little mind.

I like a boy, who around I turn mute.
But I am scared and angry because you like him too.

Watch out, my bite comes after the bow.
Watch out, I will just kick myself later.

Mine as well try to seduce you; if all else fails you will get a good laugh.