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divorced's Journal


25th August 2002

9:42am: It is much too early to be up.
It is much too early to be up.

Yes it is.

I have to go to work, at my old job, and be there by 11 am. This may seem late to you folk, but not to me.

Action is reborn...or will be sometime soon...I can feel it...if you know what I mean.

Hey Peter, what's happening?
11:08pm: Come on home girl he said with a smile...he's a magic man mama
Come on home, mama cried on the phone...try to understand, he's a magic man mama.

I just got back from a show with the best bands in this area. Escape Engine and The Setup. They both rocked my socks. I have these hot pink nails that Caitlin painted with sharpie marker at work today. It rocks. I bought this ghetto fab sweat-shirt of Escape Engine, so ghetto even Jay laughed...and it is his band. It is like blue-heather and a child's size. Oh good times.

So I there is this little one I say I would like to hit, but really I think I would like to kiss. That was horrible. Let me try again...there is this boy, I know his name...I know his cold shoulder...Oh how I hate those indie rockers.

I hate when a cute boy knows he is cute. They have that, you can not even talk to me cause I am hot or the don't even try I like boys look.

SO sad.

I tried. I gave a look. I tried to look nice. I suppose it is a joke. I suppose I was not too nice to look at. Oh well. You lost...no more Kaila for you.

Virgin Suicides sound-track...so good. Heart and Air and yeah.
Current Mood: awake
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