August 22nd, 2002

ahhhhhhhh frescado

So last night Gibby and I went to TCBY after getting a coloring book, these chicks there knew my best bud of age 8 or so and they bad mouthed her. Supposedly she is a hoochie mama at Rancho. Go Ashley go!!! Yip yip for bad reps.

Yeah so yeah.

I have to go all the way to SR to get my social security #!! Ahh. That really sucks. I am rather peeved. I know my number but Whole Foods wants my card. That damn man market!

But today when I went in, she took me in the back and I saw the man I spoke to through the milk. Oh I am in love, he is such a lady charmer I can tell.

I also met this kid I knew about by name, Mollie ask my about it later.

So right now I am in the Petaluma SRJC in the lab with my cousin, we are using someone else's # to yeah...shhhhh...don't tell.

I am really tired. I went to bed late and my mom was angry that my guest stayed till one and that I closed my door. Wow. Like I would doing anything anyway. I am not sure about any of that. I do not think I like him like that.

But you know what...he who stands against the wall(you know who I am talking about) he is too pretty. And we were wearing the same outfit almost at the market on Wens. Oh joy. I wish I had taken his photo. He is beauty. Don't you agree DJM?

I have to go now. Oh my. I am going to a movie. Joy.

I got my photos of yesterday back. Everyone looks lovely. The ones of Evita are very pretty.
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