August 16th, 2002

let's count in Spanish.

Uno: I miss MOLLIE!!!!!! Where are you? Let's go to our movie tonight. I will call you in ten minutes.
Dos: I miss LAUREN!!!!!! Without you my dear, the sun burns through my skin and I can feel the air leave my lips at last.
Tres: I miss JESIKAH! I wont see her until we are stuck inside those walls with the over-head lighting.
Cuatro: I miss the bread wanting boy. He will be back soon. But I really do miss him. I see him house and it is lonely.
Cinco: The little Mexican boy skates down my street.
Sies: My shoes are beautiful.
Siete: So is he.
Ocho: I like a boy. This boy is one who does not want a girl, but it is ok. I like just being around him. Yeahhhhh!! I fear he
is too good for me. He would not eat the techni-color bear.
Nueve: Yeah.
Diez: I hope my Spanish is correct.

Love me kids, love me like you love tofu.
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