August 15th, 2002

Don't no body know my troubles but God. I know how it is to be alive.

For a year now I have been dead. But tonight, I was brought back. I am alive.

Best night in my life.


Drinking soy chai while listening to Moby live (more on this later), I had a epiphany. I know what I want to do with my life. I want to be a photographer. Maybe a fashion one to soothe my lust for it. I do not know what, but I know.

So let us start from the very beginning, it's a very good place to start.

Weird indie band...then Blue man group which to me is a emo/indie band with a couple extra blue men. Cool but yeah. Then was Busta who rocks. Funny white folk took some time to get into it. He lit everyone up, meaning told them to smoke and the small crowd sassed the chronic. Yeah. Hot-ass goth boy pretended to not love it, oh har har. I know your soul boy.

Then..........the best thing in my life. I cried, I cried so hard....I was just that happy.

In the slightly altered words of Moby: "I have three words for you, DAVID FUCKING BOWIE"

This starts with Bowie (picture in an overly done British accent) "Hello Paulo Alto (note to reader: we are in Mountain View) now it is your turn to say, hello David and all your friends"...yes...hello David. Then joy, then later, joy. So guess what? Bowie covers Frank Black. Yes he does. He is all "This is from my new album, it is a song by Frank Black of the Pixies"...and I pass out. Actually I rock out but yeah. I can not even begin to tell you how wonderful Bowie is. He is my love in life. I can not even say. I wont even try. All I will say is that the last song was for me. Ziggy. Yes. Some little man said he would only play the new, but lord did he play the old. Oh Bowie, you are so wonderful. You are heaven, you woke up my soul. So all I have to say is this: Bowie rocks beyond belief.

So then I rush out and pee and go get some Vegan kid buttons that say "I love Tofu" and others. Pretty good. Then I try to get a soy chai but some man buys me one instead. Yes. Then it is Moby. Moby and my epiphany. Yes. Moby is fun times. He kept using big words. The bass chick Greta was a little hot-ass. And Moby did 60 sec covers. It was fun. But they also played sweet. Go Moby get on with your bad self.

Then we drove home and I sang every song imaginable.

Tomorrow is shop with grandma, and show with G-Bib being times.

ps. I wanted the Bowie (Ziggy) shirt that is black with him smoking on it. But they ran out and a woman lied and sold the display like a little biatch. So I got the second best (now the best as I sleep in it) one which was Bowie as "Heathen" spooky. It has all the tour places on the back, that is nice...mine is on there. Wonderful. Who needs H when there is David Bowie?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hhhhhhhhhhhh and the sweat of sex.

I am or was watching this Independent Film on the IFC, which I am receiving a free viewing of, called The Cruise. It is quite funny. The man is insane and he uses so many words. I love it. I definitely recommend renting it somehow. Just for its insanity. The man in it said this (these words are somewhat like what he said)...if architecture is the manifestation of all phallic desire, then the empire state building embodies everything of catharsis.

Oh har har. I needed a think piece I suppose.
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that good?

It seems to me that my single friends that stood with me and cried out for the romance we were left out of...are now being allowed to join the coupling. This is not your ordinary coupling either, it is perfection. It seems as though some being has grabbed the perfect match for my closest friends and stuck them together. Nothing is wrong. It all works. Wow. That is great. Yet still I wonder where my match is. It seems to me, and said by Mollie, that I have been getting a lot of duds lately. This is a big let down seeing as I put so much into my joy. Oh har har. I seem to be broken all the time. I mean there are some cool guys I am hanging out with, but no romance as of sparks and gentlemen. You know? Ah. I am so bored with this. I am so bored with people who speak of love but mean catharsis. I wish there was someone who was blunt. I could stand at a show and they could come up and tell me exactly what they want. No games. It would make life so much easier. I have about and hour before my grandma comes. I think I will veg and further my procrastination skills. In the words of many (including my long lost Jess), it is an art.