August 12th, 2002

A dingo ate my baby.

Oh no! I am in love, in love in the way that one is with someone they do not know. I met him through the milk. Often I do talk to the people in the back while grabbing my soy. Today, at whole foods, was no different. I saw him through my carton, in his little green beanie. I talked to him a bit. Lovely. He was lovely. Then I saw him out in the isle...and he smiled. HIs name. His name was John. I am pretty sure he would have a girlfriend, he is deathly beautiful. But still. He is lovely. I got an application. Not because of him but because I need money, like whole foods, and everyone there is nice to look at. I want to fill it out and then drop it back off but my mom is tired. I can not ride my little bike because it is so hot and I would be ick by the time I got there. Oh well. Maybe Mollie would want to come with me to drop it off. My mom said I should have told him that he was beautiful. That is silly. Here I am trying to establish a marriage and she thinks I should say that? I am kidding. But wouldn't that be a great story? We met through the milk.

high uplifting noise.

The bread wanting boy will be back in about one month tomorrow.
What then?
Will I walk to his house during my break and sleep?
Will I be with him and his dreams?
Will I jump and dance at his beautiful house?
Oh wait, I think he is moving. Maybe not.
I have no idea.
I know I miss him.
I miss my friend.
I can not wait to see him again.

Hey you! You the one that looks like Christmas, come over here and kiss me kiss me. Hey you!
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