August 7th, 2002

guilty fuck. stuff. yes. you drink too much makes me drink just the same.

Take it as you wish.

Holding your hand and digging it.
Meeting new people and liking it.
Having plans all week, amazing.

I am sleepy.
But I am happy.
Nice for a change.

Night of uni-boob, bad films, good conversation, and a lack of anger. It rocks to be so mellow and apathetic to the world around you. It rocks to let yourself breathe. But again I am confused. It is as though a plate that I begged for was given to me and I decided I wanted take out. Wow. "Raised in Carolina she says..I'm not like that..."

So me.

All week long. Wednesday through Friday. Got mad plans yo. Fo sho.

Ka-La has weaseled her way into being included. Yip Yip.

Grab my hand away from the quilt she says. I wont pull it away. Or maybe I will. Mystery is my middle name.
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if there's something you'de like to try, ask me I wont say no how could I?

Ask me ask me ask me ask me.

********************************LONG LIVE ACTION!!!!******************************
################****************ACTION LIVES!!!!!!!!*****************#############

Action is the longest living fair fish in the history of the world. And he is mine! I should get a prize r something. I wonder if that is really a thing, the longest living fair fish. I mean three days? That is such a long time. Wow. Three days. I am amazed. And he does not even eat. I guess that is it, the not eating part. I think he rocks too hard for words.

Jingo wrote me about the hands. I cleared things up as much as I possibly could. How weird I am. I like to start shit in my mind don't I? I like to muck things up for myself for no reason at all.

Today, market, and I think I am going to listen to band practice for Jon. Isn't that great all of us squishing in on music at its best...practice. Fun times.

Shoplifter's of the World Unite.

Did you know that Morrisey is coming to the Luther Burbank Center? That is great, I am going to go. I think it would be har har. "How could someone so young sing words so sad?" Indeed Morrisey, indeed.

I am rather sleepy. And rather confused. But I think I will be that way for the rest of my life until someone forces me to be happy. I am just fine. Forever fine.

I am going to go now. I am going to go play with Action.
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Ella Fitzgerald is my love in life.

Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I think that I must be the most ugly person in the world.

How could anyone be interested in me?

I disgust myself.

I am going into a cave to save you from being near me.

Be careful, others will see.
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    Ella Fitzgerald