August 6th, 2002

I just realized Frank is the name of the livejournal goat.

Such music.
Such music.
Sends goose-bumps up and down my body.
Such music.
Such sensual music.

I just changed the water in Action's bowl and he is acting rather odd. Just hanging out at the bottom. He seemed really happy before, swimming around and going up to the top for air. But the water was very gray and looked dirty. So, I changed it. Now I think it was air. Oh no. I hope Action survives. He is a fighter.
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    Cocteau Twins's what he says...yah yah a du wa.

I have a special friend.
His name is Bo Bo.
He likes to jump around on walls and furniture.
Never people.
He can sit for me though.
Like a good friend does.
Help me when I am sick.
Talk to me when I am alone.
Bump into me when he would rather have a hug.
Bo Bo.
He is a boy I know.

G-bib is a boy I do not know.
His face looks like my face.
He looks nice to me.
He is into art too.
There is an end to this poem, it came much too soon.
Because I do not know this boy well, but I have hit the limb.
I would like to say hello to him.

I have met a boy, you say H, I say H is for hello.
Boys with faces that smile.
Boy with music similar to mine.
I can not tell you what it is.
I can not say.
It is no Bo Bo.
It is no G-bib.
It is something very different.
It is a bottle of confusion with a very pretty wrapper.

Where is my heart to go?
To what horrible little poem paragraph?
I don't care anymore.
I think I would just like to stay home in my bed.

twister, oh, does anyone stay true...twister.

Shiny objects glitter in the sun.
"Pick me up"
"Try me out"
Let's try something new.
Let's embrace the pain and the sorrow.
Let's use a new little silver point.
How about the top of the can?

Swim Action! Swim as fast as you can; swim away from all the horrible things that plague this room. Swim away from the woman who lives within the girl that lives in the room. Swim away from it all.

You're gonna have to hold on, you're gonna have to hold on to me.

Wait a second, here comes the sun. Stay a while and everything will come back from the undone.

"All the things you said to me today, changed my perspective in every and your baby."

If you want me I'll be here.
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