August 5th, 2002

I've got no lips, I've got no.

Something is wrong with Action. I think he is sick. I bought "Goldfish Floating Pellets" and Action wont eat them. And that piece of bread Bean gave him is on the bottom of the bowl. I am worried about the fish. Mollie says Todd already died. So sad.

I think I am getting sick.

Today I am going to take Mollie's pictures.

I hope I do not get sick.

I think I am just tired. I got home at like 3 something in the morning. Party animal I am. But I was really asleep.

For some reason I decided to spread out on the couch and I think uhhh....I do not know. I was too close to Jingo. Ick.


So yeah.

I wonder what my mouth twin is up to. I was going to try to get him to take me to the Sonoma show.

Mollie is here so I have to go.

I feel so sick now.

I am sick. Mollie thinks it is from the Blue Coke. Since so many people had tried it. That is gross. I think it is a combination of not getting enough sleep, stress, and not really taking care of my body. I just feel icky.

My knee smells like Marcelle's new car air fresh thing. It is a little over-powering.

I tried to steal her sweater, I felt cold even though it is not so outside. I think I have a fever. It had little holes inside the sleeve so you could put your thumbs within. It was weird. But comforting. Mollie says she has a sweater like it that I can wear.

We might go see a movie tonight. It will be fun to see the boys. But I really do not want to see Jingo. I do not really want to see him ever again in my life. I do not know. I am just sick. I get an icky feeling from him now. I did that myself though.

I am really confused. I thought I really wanted to date someone. But now I do not know. I just do not know if I am ready for that at all. And I do not know who with. I am just really confused I know but I don't know. You know? I just. I do not know. I feel gross. I really do not know if I am into the physical. I like the action when the action is happening but the next day it gives me the creeps. Maybe I was abused. What do you think? I feel sick, maybe that is it. I actually think it is only because it was with a whole lot of other people and the whole Jingo thing. It pisses me off. I think I might stay home tonight and be alone. Just read and sleep. I feel sick.

Friday we are watching Ferris B. at some outside movie theater thing. That should be fun. Wednesday is market, but Matt told me to come to this show Bo Bo is doing. I think that will be ok. I will try to get rides with Bo Bo. I miss him, he is just so innocent. The way we go about things is very little. And in that way I am little so it is good. No creepy feeling.

I am so tired and I feel sick.

G-bib does not smoke because of his asthma. How silly.

I am tired...night.
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