August 4th, 2002

where is my mind?

This man, he found me some how, now he loves me. That is how it is supposed to work. Easy. With someone who believes in love and goes for it. Wow. On-line is so silly.

He said he would wish upon the stars to have my heart so he could love me "the brightest one will be you beaming down on me"

I need those little words even if they come from someone who loves me in theory.
He likes me from my words.
People read my journal and connect.
Others are as crazy and in love with love as me?
God bless the broken and the lovers of love.

You really want to be dead with me? Then come on and let's go.

Here comes the sun.

I will have sex when it is making love.

So choose to love me if you will, but be wise about it my children. For if I am broken, who will put me together again?
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    Cocteau Twins

never even caught her name.

My sheets, my skin, white.

I had the sudden urge to crawl back into my bed. I had the sudden urge to study my skin. I had a sudden urge to be in my sheets. To see how I look within my cocoon of white cotton. To sleep in my bed, to the Cure, to see how it would be if I were with someone. If I were dating, and had someone to call. If I could I would bring them home. Always. Sleep within my sheets we would, meshing our colors as one. Skin. Not yours or mine, ours. Our skin, so beautiful. So beautiful.
This is why I want a beau. So I can share my sheets.

I hate computers

I hate computers. Some horrible men were mean to me. They were lying. I hate them. I hate computers it is scary. I am going to turn mine off for awhile. If you want to talk to me call me.