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August 2002 - thefawn
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by thefawn:

10:10 am: why do I run around in circles like this, instead I could just fall into your middle
10:34 am: the heart is crossed in line for you.
10:45 am: you're the bone machine. - 4 comments
11:05 am: (no subject) - 2 comments
06:06 pm: here I am dead.

10:48 am: I have every Cure album except one or two. Wow. - 2 comments
05:33 pm: drama created to mock life.
07:15 pm: This is a formal announcement:

12:01 am: sparks fly out as you roll down the street. - 3 comments
12:54 am: one thing
10:35 am: I said be careful his bowtie is really a camera. - 2 comments
04:12 pm: in the sun I cut off your finger, stole your gun. - 2 comments
04:20 pm: ok. dip it again. my plans were cancelled someone call me to do something.
05:21 pm: take me out tonight
07:08 pm: stop. rewind. hit me with your best shot. - 5 comments

01:50 am: where is my mind?
10:40 am: Here comes the sun.
01:11 pm: never even caught her name.
02:03 pm: I hate computers - 2 comments

11:48 am: I've got no lips, I've got no. - 4 comments
05:56 pm: I feel so sick now. - 4 comments

10:14 am: I just realized Frank is the name of the livejournal goat.
10:26 am: please...here's what he says...yah yah a du wa.
02:01 pm: twister, oh, does anyone stay true...twister.

12:25 am: guilty fuck. stuff. yes. you drink too much makes me drink just the same. - 2 comments
10:30 am: if there's something you'de like to try, ask me I wont say no how could I? - 3 comments
01:40 pm: Ella Fitzgerald is my love in life. - 4 comments

12:00 am: I want to slit my wrist and I wont stop the blood this time. - 4 comments
11:22 am: I need a truck to fly in. H.
12:31 pm: I DO NOT LIKE JINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 2 comments
12:47 pm: (no subject) - 1 comment
04:55 pm: It is so hot in here. - 2 comments

09:10 am: in the words of the online kids: wtf - 2 comments

08:34 am: I am up very early and I smell like Lavender...sniff me. - 6 comments

03:47 pm: A dingo ate my baby.
08:54 pm: high uplifting noise.

12:07 pm: this is stranger than I thought. 6 different ways inside my heart
12:50 pm: breathe in. out in out in. oh he's here again, the man with the child in his eyes
01:17 pm: you'll find her in the road. you'll eat her heart with a spoon. why are you fucked up too? - 3 comments

11:11 am: one way or another. - 2 comments

12:49 am: Don't no body know my troubles but God. I know how it is to be alive.
11:52 am: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hhhhhhhhhhhh and the sweat of sex. - 2 comments
03:29 pm: that good? - 6 comments

05:57 pm: let's count in Spanish. - 2 comments

02:33 pm: this must be quick
06:33 pm: I've never been so alone. And I, I've never been so alive. - 2 comments

05:38 pm: Lull the baby back to sleep, oh dear look what you've done.
09:20 pm: that is how they found me, in the river bed. Broken and licked. Was it your tongue or his?

03:31 pm: oh how come they know? - 10 comments

03:05 pm: ahhhhhhhh frescado

10:53 am: ooo. Though well-known...should I stay or should I go is a sexy song...listen and breathe deep.
11:33 am: magnificent 777777777!
12:05 pm: last freaking entry of today - 1 comment

09:42 am: It is much too early to be up. - 1 comment
11:08 pm: Come on home girl he said with a smile...he's a magic man mama - 4 comments

06:07 pm: paper flowers and to carry home a naked soldier.

10:42 am: risen and poked, this bread can never really rise.
02:13 pm: When the leather rubs smooth on the passenger seat, this charming man.

11:04 am: Kaitay and Die. - 4 comments
10:37 pm: oh joy another drama for my little mind.

04:54 pm: What kind of better? - 2 comments
08:53 pm: my back is very soft. let's see. - 4 comments
09:08 pm: PS

04:37 pm: WOW.
06:54 pm: It's gettin' hot in here. - 2 comments