July 24th, 2002

personal jesus

Guess what? I have grown, out and up. No I have not really grown taller, that was a fib. I wonder how tall Frank is, I think he is barely my height. Nothing like that is bothering me though. I do not mind as long as the men are not shorter than me. It makes me feel like a monster.

Words are very, unneccesary...they can only do harm.
All I ever wanted, all I ever needed, is here in my arms.
Words are very, unneccesary...they can only do harm.

You are all I ever wanted, so why don't you just submit to me?

I mean really Frank. Do you think anyone is better for you? I might be the one person who likes you enough to take all that comes with you. Your names, your H, your smokes, everything. I am a very open person and I would love to sit and hear you go on about everything on your mind, all I request is the title of being your one and only...your heart...and your lips (because in this state of amorousness snogging is the most important activity). So this is a good offer, let's have a meeting shall we? Okay.
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finding it harder, to be a gentleman every day

"fall is here...back to school, ring the bell, brand new shoes...I can tell that we are gonna be friends...walk with me...through the park and by the tree...safely walk to school without a sound...teacher marks out height against the wall...teacher thinks that I sound funny but she likes the way you sing...I can tell that we are gonna be friends."

I like the White Stripes a lot.

What do you think about me new man? Do you think I look pretty? I like the looks of you.
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guess what?

Drama seems to find me, or maybe I am just dreaming it. I went to the market and saw several people that were very rude to me. Both of which I do not know the names to. Two girls that do not like me that I have no idea what their names are. So strange. I sometimes miss the drama-free Petaluma where people know your name and and nice in a gutter way. Oh home sweet home.

But I did see some people I was vvvvveeeerrrryyyy happy to see. Refreshing after all the drama with those LA kids. I like it here.

Locals tonight, yip yip.

my info page would not let me add any more things that I like so here are some more: Prince and Michael Jackson


So though George seems perfect for Simone...there are some troubles. First thing is that when Simone told Bo Bo that she was coming to Santa Rosa he got very excited and asked what time. He was very excited to be with her, to see her, he lit up. But George did not seem very into it, not like he wanted to make any effort for Simone. Second thing, George is like Joseph in the way that he is into someone. And on that note, Simone likes George more than friends but still wants to be his friend though he does not like her, but she can not be the kind of friend to give relationship advice. That stings like a jagged dagger. And George is like bread wanting boy in the way that he speaks too much. Not talks too much, speaks too much. Even though he can does not mean he should say some things. Like how bread wanting boy could tell Simone the tale about the hooker and she would not be bothered...she was not bothered, but it hurt her that he was sleeping with someone else in that way. George can tell Simone about how he is into other people sure, but it hurts Simone...she does not want to hear about the person he loves, she wants to be that person. That is silly, Simone can not like someone who likes someone else anymore...it is not fair and it is painful.

She really wants a relationship with this boy but it is very hard for her to have him want her back. She does not know what she is supposed to do in a place like this, She does not want a re-do of Joseph.

I am a ouber dork.