July 22nd, 2002

Death to the tiny baby spiders: and update

So first things first.

I bought new shoes. They are so clean it is scary, so white and pure. Soon to be dirty with sin and fair dust no doubt.

My mom and I went hunting, hunting for vintage things in thrift stores that is. We went to a million in this area. We were gone for hours but I came out with lovely things and I am very happy.

I saw Bo Bo at the...hell...I mean mall. He is so cute, my mom loves him. I think that is funny. I mean she loves him like she would hit that is she was younger.

She never thought bread wanting boy was cute, and she laughed at the photo of Frank...but I like the looks of them both so that means nothing.

I thought about Frank for awhile. I do not know. I just see him kissing me, grabbing my face with his two hands on my cheeks and kissing me. It feels right. It reminds me of the fair when he and the other one were heating their hands on my neck...and he faked it. He said something but it was not true, I wanted him to kiss me then as much as now. Well maybe now more. I kept seeing things that would look cute on him. I wanted to get him things to wear. That is a girlfriend thing, thinking of what the man in your life would look cute in or what he would like you in while you are shopping. That is danger to me.

He is trouble. Argh. I want the spark back.


Tomorrow at 10:30 am my dad is picking me up and taking me to SR. If anyone would like, they can come over and hang out with my brother and I that day or that night while I baby sit, we will be in the house.

Or call me there, or write me....get to me quick the spiders are attacking.
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