July 20th, 2002

so spent

Spent, I feel spent. I think I have been used up. I run life with my heart, around in circles with my emotions. Now, I am much too tired to do anything. I have no feeling. I have fallen too many times, only to be let down. I get excited at the glimpse of anything good. The bad thing, is that now I feel bored alone. Not when I am alone alone, but without someone to long for. I think Robert Smith is getting to my head.

Today at work I played White Stripes, even though it is not "store music", and this little baby started to spaz out and clapped loudly. I love that baby...we were both feeling the same thing.

I hate it when I am about to close and then 100 people come in and take their time.

I am tired and I just took a bath, tonight is some show at the Phoenix that I am going to. I hope to see Frank but I also do not know if I want to. He does not seem so worth my heart as he did before.

I am such a fawn, it is sad.

I talked to Grant via email...what a catch.
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