July 15th, 2002

what's in your wallet?

On the TV, some type of child therapist. He treats the kids like pets, to get them to calm down and behave, giving them treats when they are good and yanking at them when they are bad. What a freak.

I wonder where my surprise is dear.

I am tired and gross so no one look.

Wild thing, I think I love you.

Just like heaven

"Why are you so far away....I'm in love with you...."

I love you, I love all of you. I love everyone. I just want one of you. Just one. So I can kiss your face and tell you that I love you and make everything okay. I want to help you and make you see how wonderful love can be. To the beach, to the city...kissing everywhere we go. I want just one of you, I would make you so happy. I could make you so happy. Just try and see, it would only take you. All you have to do to get me is tell me. Take me in your arms, do not wait. Kiss me when you want to, do not ask. You would know if I liked you, if so, then do it. Kiss me kiss me kiss me. I want you, I need you. Someone take me, save me, please.
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