July 13th, 2002

I need a rim job...give me a cocktail...slut

You think you so funny...ha ha ha.

So here is the horrible gritty truth.

I like Frank on a attraction level (for some reason...animal I suppose) and also on a higher level, a connection. But he wont let there be any sexual tension or connection...I do not think he is down with that. Strange because he is single again. Ian and I totally guessed that too...down to the time.

I like Bo Bo because he is cute and nice...I do not know what I would do with him if I had him though...but I do not think he is interested in me that way anyway.

I think G-Bib is cute and I like that he is into the same things I am...art...music...and much more. But he is into big-boobs...who, by the way, was super rude to me last night. I said that I thought he liked her and she snubbed me and walked away like a little biatch that she is. Wow, ghetto fab with the language there.

So last night was a let down and today everyone is at Warped Tour because that is silly...and Bo Bo said to call him whenever so we can hang out but I, again, do not know what I would do with him. Plus I pushed for his digits because I really did not want to be at home and bored today, but what would we do. I do not know.


I am angry at Frank, he gave off a great first impression and made me dig him. This is his fault. I think I am too cool to hit that. Not that he is not rockin'...many would say he is not...but I am not so...so...H.


smell me I am ready for the picking...eeekkk

My favorite song is

"Ice Cream Man"

By Tom Waits. I love him and always have but noticed he is not on my interests list. I have no more room oh well.

I am leaving out all punctuations here that is okay.

"I'm your ice cream man, I'm your one man band...I'm your ice cream man and I'll be good to you"

Girls just want to have fun

Fun. Just a little, just a little bit please. I just want to have fun.

Good clean fun.

With you, or you, or maybe even you.

I think I have a problem...I think it is called amorousness.

I am shaking my head dry.

my back peals.

I think I might call Bo Bo...and say what? "Do you have anything fun to do?"....I mean like a movie or an adventure...get your heads out of the gutters kids!

I am going to go brush my teeth now.

Someone should call me.

I think I am going to burst open and everyone will see my ooze and then no one can ever touch me. I will be empty and my insides will be upon your shoes.
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so here is a little bit

I called Bo Bo and it was one of the worst phone convos I have ever had. But then we met at like 5 and we did all there is to do in this town. I just got home and it is like 10...five hours of Bo Bo...we sat for like one or two hours in one place. It was amazing. Talking about stories of ladies he has dated. Fun times. Now I think he is addicted to my hippie lip gloss. I think he is pretty up there in the cream of the crop. But I still do not know because the hug was not really like a Joseph hug it was like a casual bye hug that I did. So I do not know. But I do not know Bo Bo very well so that is cool. I like being friends with him, we had a lot of fun. Now I am going to go get my dad from work I think. Then I am going to sleep on the floor with my little brother watching Nick TV shows...spooky. Tomorrow we have to go to my G-pa's b-day party at like 11 am and then to a soccer game at 2:30. I was going to really invite Bo Bo but I think one day at a time with breaks is good. I like the way things are going. Kai just called my dad's fiance mama. It is cute but odd because if she was she would have been 15.

Okay now I am going to put socks on because my feet are cold.

The quote from my day with Bo Bo, "Just a penny, a penny will do...god bless you"...H.