July 10th, 2002

fuck him...but wait your turn...the whore is first

So bread wanting boy...he wrote me an email...wrote everyone an email...telling the tale of his time with the hooker in France or somewhere and I wrote him back saying that it was ew. I mean I have nothing against sex...but what he wrote was gross. So I said ewww and that I did not want to bed him after that, which was true...it was a life-long turn off for me. Today I got his response. Take it I did sound like a prude in my email but still. This is what he said...which makes no sense seeing as he is using math terms to describe me...I think it means I am the average of my age...help me if you know what he means.

"yer such a fifteen year old goddammit. an exponential
fifteen year old, even.
what¥s doing with summer?"


What the heck.

Fuck him I say.

He seems very high and mighty there. Seeing as he pays for sex.

Bo Bo is cute...I think...I think I am just lonely.