July 9th, 2002


"Last night I was your rocking chair, but the sun came up now I don’t know where you are. You are you are you are so freaky. You are you are you are my freaky she…now I don’t mind a fast car, just as long as I get to where you are…" SIS

So quickly things can change. At one moment you are a down girl wishing for a boyfriend, so confused at who you want

to be with most. Next moment you are sure of whom you want and confidant in waiting. Next moment that same person

leaves you and all your dreams of companionship are gone. You search aimlessly for someone new, but the point is

mute. Music engulfs you mind, songs about love and desire…obsession. The Cure of course, but they are not the only

criminals here…there are others…Cranberries…words that you find to be exactly what you are thinking. Then you think

the person you wanted loves this band. Then you think…who am I supposed to be with? When do I get my chance? When

will this work for me? Why do I stand-alone? Many offer advice but it all seems wrong, you are truly alone because

the person for you is still out there. But where? I am sick of waiting.