July 6th, 2002

what is your deal?

Such a bread wanting boy thing to do.

I can not believe it.

I enjoyed how comfortable with sex he was, but please.

I mean if you really want to turn a girl off tell her about your experience with a whore in Europe. Now I do not know if I would want to touch him ever.

So in a way...thanks...now I am not so into you. Yip yip.

well kind of.

then there was none

There has been much coupling and traveling and eww.

Now there is no one.

Maybe if I try hard enough I can trick myself and then there would be Bo Bo.

Everyone. So much coupling. I can not handle it.

There was dissing of Frank but it made no sense because I thought the silly things were awesome. I do not know why, but I did dig that kid, I dug him hard.

So now I am trying to get over it all...all three....but I also want someone. I wont search like a fawn, but I will wait. I really hope my match comes soon, I need to mesh with someone.