July 2nd, 2002

swoon until my face comes off

"My my you are so proper me lady. I am also looking
forward to being present in your company. Hopefully
there will be some people there. If not then oh well.
it will be fun though. Until then I bid you farewell." G.D.R.

I live for emails like that; I like emails that are so wonderful and sweet as an email like that.

I can not wait until tomorrow, just to see him. But as well I do not want to see him becuase I look disgusting, and I feel disgusting. I do not think he will swoon as I swoon. I should probably try to talk to him prior to the show because then after all the girls will be hitting on him and I will not have time.

"nasty to the bone, tonight we are going to break it" SIS

it's not my home it's their home.

If a double decker bus crashes into us. To die by your side is such heavenly place to die.

You know what frazzles my tofu? People who crack my codes.

Did you know that Frank lives in Denmark now? Strange, I met him when he still lived in Marin and now he lives in Denmark, he is coming back for some of summer.

Grant grant grant!!!!!

Tomorrow I am wearing a dark denim skirt with my new cami and a brown velvet jacket.

We will mesh.

Then on Friday I am wearing my new Cure shirt that Mollie made me. Oh how I adore her. Her tape is going to rock!!!!

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