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July 2002 - thefawn
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by thefawn:

12:27 pm: oh how i want the bread wanting boy
12:37 pm: I can sleep.
11:54 pm: trigger finger

01:35 pm: swoon until my face comes off
04:19 pm: it's not my home it's their home.

12:58 pm: This is the song that is me...I write the words that make my heart break - 2 comments

05:30 pm: for some strange reason
05:43 pm: who does mesh with me? Who? - 2 comments
08:27 pm: my dad's roommate is a drummin'
10:42 pm: this small girl tells me to play "the wiggly peek"

10:19 am: now it comes to me, when he is across the ocean
12:23 pm: kill me
12:24 pm: death
06:36 pm: yo smo...you want ride? rrrrrrrr - 2 comments
09:25 pm: he left with those dancers didn't he?

12:45 pm: what is your deal? - 4 comments
11:32 pm: then there was none - 3 comments

08:42 pm: hell fire burn my back - 1 comment

12:39 pm: satilite

01:33 pm: fuck him...but wait your turn...the whore is first - 5 comments

12:11 pm: I need a rim job...give me a cocktail...slut
12:41 pm: smell me I am ready for the picking...eeekkk - 2 comments
03:39 pm: Girls just want to have fun
09:54 pm: so here is a little bit - 3 comments

09:22 am: I a a ala
06:23 pm: long showers for the boys and love novels for the girls
10:50 pm: music to make sense of it all
11:40 pm: she fell into a pit

11:04 am: what's in your wallet? - 1 comment
12:21 pm: Just like heaven - 6 comments
07:15 pm: Doctor said I'll be alright, but I feel blue. - 4 comments

01:02 pm: double door - 1 comment

03:01 pm: H: for Jane - 3 comments
06:38 pm: did I tell you I just fell? ps I am listening to the cure - 1 comment

12:27 am: sam and autumn (a story in caps) - 2 comments
11:43 am: someone is invading my dreams
03:36 pm: well the fuse blew, and the sparks flew - 2 comments
03:41 pm: you are so freaky
07:37 pm: I had to shut you down

12:02 am: I hate you all - 1 comment
10:28 pm: music runs it all, right off the cliff
10:44 pm: I can hear a whistle

06:39 pm: so spent
06:52 pm: such a strange girl - 1 comment

09:12 am: you're so gorgeous, so right as rain
03:59 pm: I hang around for another round, until something stops me
04:41 pm: sorry you were wanted
09:03 pm: I need to do the dishes, I am in a robe

11:20 pm: Death to the tiny baby spiders: and update

01:46 pm: I'll get over you. - 2 comments
02:06 pm: I went to the cure website and...
03:31 pm: what if I told you I was in love with you.
05:05 pm: I love "manny and lo"
05:30 pm: guess what?
07:03 pm: sick sad world - 3 comments
07:07 pm: I forgot how fucked up this thing is - 3 comments
09:18 pm: take another little piece of my heart now baby...yeah you
09:50 pm: ehhh - 2 comments

09:49 am: personal jesus - 4 comments
11:50 am: finding it harder, to be a gentleman every day
07:36 pm: guess what? - 2 comments
11:09 pm: aaaaaaaa - 2 comments
11:42 pm: an announcement for the men of the world who want to hit that:

11:49 am: Mr. George
11:58 am: so sorry to you my heart
12:12 pm: here is the problem
01:09 pm: uhhhh
01:31 pm: the birds and to you I bestow
01:32 pm: well nothing
01:42 pm: It's always you and me always and forever. - 5 comments
07:12 pm: hell fire, fire fire fire fire. - 2 comments
09:12 pm: yikes - 1 comment
10:17 pm: shargh - 2 comments

09:36 am: mod squad. good movie so far. (the new one that is) old always better.
09:46 am: sorry Charlie.
10:01 am: oh my stop making out you guys!
10:30 am: my ladies are lovely - 1 comment
12:05 pm: she's gonna have a muffin

12:22 am: I might be a rock.
11:25 am: I have problems.
11:31 am: sssssssh - 2 comments
11:51 am: I would chop off your hand if you stopped clapping.
12:00 pm: oh gosh the irony the irony.......

12:47 pm: never had time for me, never be true and it's plain to see - 2 comments
01:02 pm: pretty girls, pretty boys. go home. - 1 comment
01:18 pm: someone has a secret and I think her name is Ramond. - 3 comments
02:55 pm: That's the way
08:09 pm: and nothing, and nothing - 3 comments

09:58 am: made a huge boo boo.
11:30 pm: hey I think upside down. - 1 comment

11:02 am: Take me to the life house, perhaps past the rave. - 6 comments
12:46 pm: I've got you in my grasp, I have put you within the click clock of my bagel wiht lox
02:29 pm: Because I can't be with you. Put your hands in my hands and come with me...
04:07 pm: those muddy muddy candy pieces
11:02 pm: Fawn is going to have her baby soon, tomorrow, today.

10:03 am: Catch
11:15 am: Soo happy, so hopeful, lift me up again my little pixie! - 5 comments
11:39 pm: cut my heart out with a bloody fucking knife, hate me more and I will kill myself. - 3 comments