June 24th, 2002

youre a beacon of love, youre a fire fly, youre a beam from above and we fly by the night

So, it is around nine a.m. and I am awake. More so, because my father is awake. He is going to his computer school; supposedly each six weeks there is a new day of school. So he goes around looking for his things. Here is bliss (picture in a girly voice) : "Oh my gosh, where's my binder"--dad. He said that and it was pure bliss, comfort, perfection. It just rocked. I can not say why, it just did.

I feel so anxious all of a sudden, or all of a sudden last night. I went into Frank's world, even if it was a little while ago, it was him. I could not handle it. So many people, like me, so many names. Now I understand what you were saying Kit, how it made you feel like a number. I get it now, I feel like nothing, of no importance. Because there are so many girls in his words, so many people, so quickly they change. Where is there room for me? How could I mean anything? It could never be, what would be do if he had something that worked out? Leave.

a perfect plan

if your folks want you to move in why don't you?

the way to get rid of nagging: "If you don't let me go, I am going to cut your face off while you are sleeping"...what would they do then? Kill you? Nope. They would let you do whatever you please, who wants to wake up without a face.