June 21st, 2002

tell me I look nice

I do not feel so great. I feel fine, health wise, but I do not as well. I feel rather blah and hideous. YOu know that feeling? Not that you do look bad, you just feel that way. I do not know. If any one sees me tonight and the VT tell me I look nice...I think it would help.

Maybe I should get some tea, take a chill pill.

My mood ring is rather beaten...it looks splendid but a little toffee as well.

I think I am a fawn forever, I mean...I do not like anyone right now. All past feelings are just that, past. I feel good about that. But, whenever I meet someone new I can not help but wish them to be mine. I know that that is not how it works; I know it just happens as it does. But I just do. That is okay too.

Bye children, I must go and avoid catharsis.
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