June 19th, 2002

let's go...the go part

jane: good news...I am going to call to tell you but I will tell you here as well.

1. Your twin is not leaving for the tour until late July, early August
2. He is coming tonight
3. Matt invited us to go see Beach Boys at the fair, with the Twin and like Asher.
4. Yeah, so I will call to tell you these things, I also have his digits for you.

I rock, I think that I may be the best friend in the whole wide world. Yeah. Super.

I am so rockin' I also have a gift for you.

Anyway, so you know what hit me, amorousness. It hit hard, I thought I would jump on the next person I saw. The way I felt at that moment, was how Bread Wanting boy felt when he brought up catharsis. It is all clear now, if I was as I am now then...fun times would have been had.

Must go.