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divorced's Journal


13th June 2002

10:36am: yeah yeah monkey
so I am allowed to see and talk to him. I think she went insane.

I am cold, and wet, and tired, and through with this horrid place and I can not take much more of it.

I cut up a shirt last night, I made it super cool. I am excited...I feel like a little child...being excited about what I am going to wear. It is soft though, so comfort yeah.

I think that everyone is burnt out, from relationships...a lack there of...school...work...summer has come just in time. Or, for some, too late.

I worry that in actuality I am too far gone for summer to revive. I think I may be on the border.

On paper I seem much more healthy than I am...so in a way I suppose that is good.

I liked the head-doctor, she was such a Marin kid...she agreed about my whole age thing...she is going to talk to my mom like she talked to this other girl (my age) and her parents...she said it calmed them down and they were ok with it. So let's cross our fingers.

I have to go now but cheers for being cold, wet, and depressed. Yip Yip.
3:19pm: these walls are paper thin and everyone hears every little sound
catharsis: ...psychotherapy that encourages or permits the discharge of pent-up, socially unacceptable emotions.

Does this mean he wanted us to be each other's outlet for what is unacceptable socially?

I meet the most twisted and wonderful people some times.

Let's catenate together.

Lord bless the dictionary.
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