June 7th, 2002

math math math I hate it

so yeah math sucks. I do not hate the math aspect.no I enjoy math, it is true I am such the math geek (three cheers for geek-core) but...I hate the class. It is my last class, before I get to go home. And to top it off today it is Friday and I can not wait to relax. I work after church on Sunday but besides that...and the dreaded testing...I am free. Well Saturday I think I am going to Paul's show...to support those boys on their quest to spread the word of Christ through nice old fashioned screaming music. Yes indeed.

I really hope to see Joseph this weekend before he leaves. I am going to miss him so much. Even if I do not see him when he is here, I can feel his presence...I know I could see him, call him, touch him...if I really wanted to. But when he leaves that will be it. argh.

guess who is emailing kaila again? Grant. Yes. oh how I adore that boy...20 he is now...growing up so quickly....right before my eyes.

I have to go the nurse needs me..worry