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divorced's Journal


5th June 2002

8:07pm: make my breath come out cold
Magic in the breath of warm into cold...the air dances with no energy.

In this heat my heart feels wretched...it tears at me and my air makes no mark. No one can even tell I am alive.

In this time I feel your beat...but you can not feel mine. Am I here...am I alive...my breath is scarcely even there.

When I come into my covers...you are there...in spirit. I sleep with you by my side, always and forever. You are my future...even if you may never be my present.

I will never forget the love I have for you. I could never forget. Your love is the magic in my breath upon the frost.
Current Mood: awake
8:54pm: fjadskjhg
kill me now.

how can I be so fickle.

I love Joseph.

But oh how I want you too. How did I lose you so quickly?
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