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June 2002 - thefawn
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by thefawn:

02:10 pm: my man - 2 comments

03:51 pm: asghjlkadfjgh

03:48 pm: Ground Control to Major Tom
09:37 pm: ya ya

08:07 pm: make my breath come out cold
08:54 pm: fjadskjhg - 2 comments

03:23 pm: oh oh ohoh sdfknsdl
10:00 pm: oh my my my coinkidink

01:25 pm: math math math I hate it

11:19 am: worry wisps - 2 comments
11:09 pm: justin - 2 comments

10:26 am: to say would be to lie

07:47 am: I do not want to ever be kissed
12:29 pm: i like this kid next to me he is cute
02:54 pm: sex machine

01:54 pm: hey you

10:36 am: yeah yeah monkey
03:19 pm: these walls are paper thin and everyone hears every little sound - 2 comments

10:01 pm: I feel like a nut, I am a spaz - 4 comments

08:55 pm: I really dont know, I really dont care - 6 comments
09:23 pm: fuck no emails
10:02 pm: I like Dashboard Confessionals actually, strange, but yeah. I do I do. - 2 comments
10:19 pm: ----Groovy Times---- - 3 comments

12:41 pm: (no subject)
05:05 pm: spooky scary
06:03 pm: something weird
08:35 pm: sugar high - 2 comments

04:12 pm: got a terrible terrible, terrible headache
04:45 pm: OH OH OH SWEET JOY
09:52 pm: oh sweet joy - 2 comments

04:46 pm: let's go...the go part

11:23 am: consider her cheating now
03:08 pm: kill me with shame, let me sleep again, oh kill me.

05:50 pm: tell me I look nice - 1 comment

12:15 pm: da da da kill me my sweet, kill me
12:31 pm: amorous.
06:19 pm: in that grassy place - 1 comment

02:35 pm: as I sit - 3 comments
04:35 pm: fuck her, who the hell is she...lucky bitch
06:12 pm: poop on you mr. old man
07:52 pm: cute or unforgetable?
10:38 pm: oh my smoke a pipe
11:51 pm: I feel amorous, I feel depressed

09:22 am: youre a beacon of love, youre a fire fly, youre a beam from above and we fly by the night
12:17 pm: a perfect plan
12:43 pm: modest mouse, tear, cut my wrist. I bleed well.

07:45 am: oh pickles, oh bolloks
08:35 am: I need a favor - 1 comment
08:59 am: frozen chocolate chips
11:35 pm: fuck this - 1 comment
11:49 pm: and now I know how Joan of Arc felt. dead. - 1 comment

10:40 am: take me in your arms just one more time.
11:07 am: the is a hole below the little toe
11:32 am: the breasts
11:52 am: bread wanting boy - 1 comment

02:31 pm: but you wont get any harder.

12:18 pm: here's what it says
12:32 pm: if you could only see that so many tapes are yours
05:18 pm: fire, do you mean ice?
05:22 pm: if you leave a comment on me...
05:22 pm: in the words of "jim"

11:19 am: I feel tired, I am listening to the Cure...too lazy to use the other forum. - 2 comments

01:43 pm: ahhhhhh I feel sick.
08:19 pm: the devil will find work for idol hands to do
10:10 pm: oh let's do it now