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divorced's Journal


31st May 2002

8:15am: oh oh oh oh oh
Yeah, so I am doing my presentation today. Yeah I truly am. That whole go to kinkos and do it early thing was not a good idea because now I am just out of the zone, I would have rather done it that day...weeks ago I think. Oh well, my professora can just kiss my patooti. I had to write a paper last night, and seeing as I was heart broken I wrote some sort of fictional/not really love story...love triangle. Wow, I love my writing because it seems so poetic...but Ketama laughed when she read it because it was prose not poetry and she thought it was satire. So sure, it is satire....I changed the title to: Teenage Love: a Satire. So now, I might get a good grade because instead of it being just over-written, it is now over the top as a satire of ha ha love novels. Great. But, silly thing is that I was so serious and that made me laugh.

Tonight the concert and chinese food. Yumm yumm.
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