May 28th, 2002

the bread-wanting boy

So, the bread-wanting boy. Oh…so let’s give a run down shall we…a run down of practically nothing but a run down quite the same.

So when I met bread-wanting boy, I danced around him in circles…and in Africa that meant we were married. Then, we went to the 7 eleven for no reason…oh wait Jen was thirsty…and I attempted to skate outside and he saved me from rolling into the street. Then we went to the magician’s house and he was not there but the bread-wanting boy and I shared some moose…that the magician’s sister made…strange…and all the time the other girls played with the red-shoed boy…and the magician’s parents…strange again. Then we ended up back at the Phoenix where I was fed gummy bears by the bread-wanting boy because my hands were full.

Then, there was a whole French/Korean conversation that I did not understand…that was actually a scandal where everyone thought Jane and I wanted the bread-wanting boy and that horrible crude girl dissed me because of spite and jealousy that the bread-wanting boy was interested… or so they say.

He walked me home…after we attempted to get bread. Next day, I was lonely and bored. Next day I went to church…and then on a long drive with Jane and her family as we got lost a million times and then ate Japanese food. I took her home with me…and I was talking and dreaming about the bread-wanting boy…so we go across town to the grocery store, Jane and I…keep in mind that the bread-wanting boy and I live on the same street and both would have to cross town to go to that store…and so Jane and I are talking about buying this ham for the bread-wanting boy…and then we spot this kid and I say let’s follow him, him happens to be the bread-wanting boy! What a full moon…what madness…so the next day we spend with him and this other kid…and it was funny but no longer is he innocent to me…he is trouble…old trouble…bad kid…but oh well. I wonder if he still wishes to woo me…I hope so.