May 23rd, 2002


I just fell. On water, on the floor. I am shaken up inside.
I fell when I met him. On the ground, down the abiss. I am broken up inside.

I do not know what is worse, falling on the ground with a fear of death or falling in love with a fear of end.

Dream was okay. Boy...and I realized something...I want a kiss to be initiated by the boy. But, I want to do the kiss...I want to...I did in the dream, it was fine...not the right one though. Who cares anymore...I have been sent on a trip of apathy because of where my empathy has taken me. I hurt, my body aches, my heart is shattered and it does not know how to mend. Who will fix me?

Monkey faces

I wrote lerics while walking home today...they are funny I think.

"My head is getting smaller
No yours is getting larger
Watch out it will exploid
I am not your Jackie O
I wont catch the remnants

Want to change your fate?
Then tell me tell me tell me how you love me
Show me show me show me how you care
Take those broken words elsewhere
I am broken, mend me mend me

You wanted to break me
All you had to do was touch me
And I would melt away...melt so far away."
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