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divorced's Journal


18th May 2002

8:52am: h
Star Wars.

Enough said.

All is well in the world.

Yoda. Mini light saber.

Oh yeah.

argh hmmm oh yeah.

Current Mood: awake
5:21pm: hm hm this computer is fancy
wow I am at my father's house right now and they have this really fancy computer that has DSL or something and is fast and is lovley and the keyboard takes barely a touch to work and I love it and I downloaded this music and I feel so cool, yet in truth I am a dork because if I were to stay here I would become a total computer nerd instead of the old-school kind I am: by that I mean Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, Risk, and all of that lovely fabulous pizzaaaaah.

Oh I am going to go and get more music...pixies and such...and then fix up my Schwinn that I bought this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! for 10 bucks!!!!!!!!! at a rummage sale...a really old Schwinn racer...red....cool....!!!!!!!!!!oh yes.

I have to go...read...school...oh yeah.

...I still heart P.

Current Mood: anxious
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