May 12th, 2002


kit kit in a pit.


we are engaged and we live in the city near the moma with emus and rhinos.

hullo kit
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i am now a fan of moc

Lonely emo kids go to drastic measures to find...let it be yeah i do not know.

I go to one site and i find around a million people that i would marry in an instant. emo kids with great taste in music...near me...that are nerdy as well. Moc is a haven now.

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    the smiths

gigantic a big big love

you know what movie makes my heart go pitter patter and my gametes twirl around? Valley Girl...when they fall in love and they play Modern English....gosh it hurts....i am being so emo today.

Guess what I have planned for my weekend?

well thursday is Velvet Teen and this boy I randomly talked to's band over in Napa which I might attempt to make and then Friday is Curbside and then Saturday is Life in Braille..sweetness....oh sweet.

I want to kiss Joseph and if he does not touch me on Tuesday I might burst.
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    pixies, where is my mind? oh where...