May 9th, 2002

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did you know that the penalty for jumping off of a building in New York is death? This is the most wonderful thing in the world..and on a Sunday you can not walk with an ice cream cone in your pocket...oh I love NY...That is wonderful...It is illegal to eat peanuts and walk backward in public...did you know that I love peanut butter...pb and j is the most wonderful thing and I made one to eat at lunch and ended up eating it in class...oh so lovely that was...I relized that I have lately been reading british love/trash/good writing/woman stories/ fiction novels so weird...lots of Brit terms like snogging and great...I do recomend the book whom I do not know...remember or I am reading Jemima J. good book...not as great of writing as Pure...a little more trashy lovely talk...then there was Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salanger and this was good but not when you are sick...that will drive you insane...but it did entice me to read up on all the old philosophers that I came to love while I sat alone at lunches that year past...oh I must go and fun...guess what I am doing on Saturday????

I AM GOING TO SKANK>>>>>>AND EAT DIPPIN" semi-ska-esque show at SSU...more jock-esque kids will come but I do not care...I will skank...skank my little heart my brown make-shift shorts...sweet young thang...oh my oh my...Willliam Tell ha ha yes memories....ha. har har...

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