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divorced's Journal


29th January 2002

4:18pm: this is the open dog door for the canine dominic lagasseio
well hello.
i have simply relized that this journal is open to the public eye. i must experience their comments in this situation. but, i would also like to say, this is MY journal. if it happens to bother or offend anyone, do leave. and also, i would not like to be the ghetto biatch, but since this belongs to me, i don't need any fucking writing advice. besides the fact that this is a journal full of the random shit that comes into my head, rough draft, unedited, as it is coming, that last journal entry, is hopefully self-explainatory. for most, you would see that i just put up the lyrics of the Cure song i was listening to at the moment. it also related to the fact that i want love like that in a song, a Cure song. So you musically ignorant commenter, no offense, i like shitakki the way i like it. so don't be a playa hata be a congradulata!

Current Mood: amused
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