January 14th, 2002

so sad you have made me. 20 something disappointment

From: Grant.. to me

Hmmmm.....so in order for you to find out the secret you have to be online at the same time I am. So in order to do so we must plan this out. I have to leave now to do some top secret work, but I shall return. I will email you tonight at 12 with the info.

so sad you have made me you 20 something disappointment. i stayed up that night, for our email date. you were not so early or late, no you did not come at all. i rhyme too much. anyway, i was sad at this, for you did seem so prompt, and i did not want to disappoint you with my own tardiness, yet you were a truent as well. but, dear sweet hansome grant, i still do adore you you lovely bass player... so sweet and young. if my age were ever to bother you or vice versa... i would tell you the truth. "age only matters if you are a piece of cheese". but, it does not bother you, nor i. so young sir, why were you not there, at 12...so very cinderella and romantic a time that was set by you....maybe you forgot, or caught the flu? i do not know, you will write, but the excitement has fleeted and i am no longer in a state of swoon. but i still do adore you. see you soon, in letters...in my dreams.. well not really... i just wanted a corny ending to this letter. :-)
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