December 23rd, 2001

hell fugoing yeah

hey lovers and haters.
merry holiday business shitaki!

the day after tomorrow is xmas day! presents! my shallowness paid in full through gifts from mememememememememmeemme!!!!!!!

my swanky dinner soire! december 28th helelelele yes! 5courses! tira misu by me!!!!!

dilema: hmmmm t-dog or c-moni?(brand spankin new lover code names)

i met T-dog, at the thus the buz& toast machine show. he is fabulouso. but....hes old. not too old. but i think he thinks he is. wooooowwowowo look at the language skills there in that syntax. well anywho. he is hmmmm nice and now that he resists(not really but thats the only way i can analyze this situation) i want him sososoosos much more. i wanted to not like anyone right now, cause i had just finally gotten stuey out of my system. but all of a sudden my hormones rage and i want thousands of men and i cant choose. wow its nice to be a crazy teen.

or c-moni. hes a chub emo lover man. so cute and intense in the sense that hes not at all but hmmmmm eyes. nice. woow i am a superficial hoe at the moment arent i? hmmmhheheheh. well anyways yeah hes nice and woooooooohhhhhhhooohhhh hey hes buds with the next lovely choice!

FUGOING FEMI GOD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

femi god man is supa. sexy. femi. artsy. emoy.(nice word). and well fugoing crazy like me. but he is a snob. in the sense that he just has that kind of vibe riding off of his hansome back. but. hes not rich snob, even though he is, its like a culture snob maybe? hmmm maybe i just wanna find something wrong with him. hmmmmm the with my girl shes so pretty.

why can't i get just one kiss...... hahhahah nice quotes for you void.

hey yeah. lu i love the ghetto tunes you made me. i listen to his rap. nice. xmas for you shall rock the socks of the world! i give you nice vibes.

love for all. love indeed. beware of emo-keen lovin. its tempting and adictive! beware of brown pants...beware of hot ties...beware of it all!

ohh wait i want christain tim tooo.....shitaki! hmmm hes wonderful yet thank god he is taken by a little femi lady. yes. so he will not tempt me...or will heeheheheh.?

bye void. the fawn
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