December 18th, 2001

hey lalallallala love you

all iam saying pretty baby i lala love you dont mean maybe.

wow pixie boy if only your song was reality. hmmm and we spoke i lyric.

yes no, it's more like mc hamer says...can't touch this.

wooooooooohhoowowow. aren't we glad i am over him? yeah we are.(picture that in a tribiani voice).

well we aren't sure if it is for real but...since i havent seen him in a long while, it makes it better. wait...i wonder if he doesnt go here(my school) anymore?! I dont't love him, but i still enjoy a anual reminiscent.....what? hmm my spelling seems to fail with my age. old fogie i am. you know that i have funny little friends who think i am crazy, i am that. but wanna know a secret wont believe it... i am a quiet person. i dont like talking a lot but for some reason i always feel (or ummm do) that it is my place to make people laugh or be energetic. when i try to be my mellow true-self, people suppose i am sad or sick or mad or shit. but, i am not. iam simply content with my comon sense of self in that state. get it? but i get fucking tired of the "what the matter kayla "(you know those people would spell my name wrong with a y instead of an i)....and i dont wanna say nothing get the hell away you halmark fucker ...go buy a late at starbucks call me on your nokia in your land rover and i ll pick up your lab puppy at the dog physchiatrist after i go to the foriegner nanny. no.... i couldnt say that. no i simply get annoying, fuck it i annoy my fucking self. no wonder he didnt fucking love me, i was such a replaceable, weird but not myself and it shows with an annoying buz in your ear like a trailer trash moter(hell yeah white trash)..... yeah so no i am not loud, sometimes i dont like to talk..ever heard of nervousness? fuck you. i just want to be quiet read and fawn over your loser ass cause i love you, so kiss me and tell me you love my fucking anti social lovliness and lets be done with it.

bye void
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