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There is this terrible white-power, satanist in my class right now. I really just want him to go away. I can not believe that I am here with him...he smells disgusting. Like poop and cigarettes. I just verbally wished him death. He also hates San Francisco because of all the "homosexuals"...I'll bet he is a virgin. Unless of course he raped a goat.

I am now officially "rocking the cock" of Nick White.

(those of you who know me know that this is just humor).

♥ for all of you that are not white-power, satanists that hate everyone and everything.

edit: everything he says is in some way related to a television show, usually an offensive one.
edit again: He says he told his brother that he is going to kill him. He is getting very fat...more and more every day. He thinks that I am gay...I say something like..."I have a brother..." and he, under his breath, says "You have a girlfriend". Pish tosh.
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