divorced (thefawn) wrote,

how much farther till I penetrate your spine?

I just stepped in a piece of glass. I heard it puncture my skin. It was at the climax of a Q and not U song. OUch. Last night I found glass in my bed. I think the house is trying to kill me.

Last night, I gave away all my junk via game-show. It was great.
One question I remember..."Who does Kaila love, what is his name, what instrument does he play, and in what band?"
My mom answers, "Truly loves or has a crush on?"
I answer, "Cares a lot about for over a year".
She says, "G...bass...FV"
Later that night I ask her, "What would you have guessed if I said crush?"
She says, "G"
"and love?", I asked her...

I do not care about that boy so there!
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