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For a first date, I recommend seeing a movie and getting ice-cream after.
A movie is great because there is a period of time when you do not have to speak and after the film, you have something to talk about. The ice-cream tops it off because even if you did not have a good time, you get something sweet for the effort. Never see a movie when the leading man is hotter than your date. Tip: see a animated movie (like Finding Neemo or Spirited Away), a(n) intellectual thriller (beware of hot man movies like Minority Report), or even a horror film (be it a cult classic...I am opposed to mind-numbing dates). The purpose of this is to avoid getting all hot-n-heavy and turning to look at your not-so-exciting-in-comparison date...that can be a big let down. So, give the boy a break and take him to a movie...get him some ice-cream...and do not set him up for failure by seeing a movie that features both Johnny Depp annnnndd Orlando Bloom. MEOW!
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