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[27 Mar 2005|07:44pm]
NEW JOURNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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[16 Mar 2005|01:01am]

comment to be added.

below [15 Mar 2005|12:26pm]
this is the series I made with the only man I have ever loved in mind:

the first of the series is called "granddaughter", but was lost and re-made as "i heard your granddaughter was alive":

cocteau twins- persephone
air- playground love
the pixies- hey!
le tigre- writing on walls
aphex twin- window licker
the yyys- maps
the rolling stones- emotional rescue
the cure- lovecats
kazumi nikaidoh- next week
young marble giants- eating noddemix
marine girls- second sight
the hollies- the air that I breathe
cat power- speak for me

heavy vegetable- e/or
his name is alive- the bees
architecture in helsinki- scissor paper rock
the ladybug transistor- oriental boulevard/six times
the shangrilas- give him a great big kiss
the walkmen- wake up
the velvet underground- I found a reason
clinic- distortions
elliott smith- pitseleh
joy division- disorder
kate bush- army dreamer
mum- we have a map of the piano
grandaddy- hewlett's daughter

the second of the series was called "first year italian" and was stolen by the boy:

leonard cohen- suzanne
devendra banhart- the body breaks
modest mouse- tundra/desert
my morning jacket- come closer
cocorosie- by your side
do make say think- soul & onward
heart- magic man
vincent gallo- when
os mutantes- fuga #2
mirah- words cannot describe
the cardigans- lovefool

gang of four- damaged goods
the cure- charlotte sometimes
explosions in the sky- glittering blackness
elliott smith- ballad of a big nothing
mirah- make it hot
iron & wine- lion's mane
radiohead- talk show host
architecture in helsinki- where you've been hiding
the velvet underground- candy says
mazzy star- fade into you
new buffalo- 16 beats
cat power- say

the third of the series was made here in Eugene and is called "you make my lips blush":

bob dylan- boots of spanish leather
little wings- sing wide
magnetic fields- all my little words
mirah- person person
beach boys- god only knows
john lennon- mother
menomena- cough coughing
broken social scene- anthems for a 17 yr. old girl
rilo kiley- does he love you?
the go! team- huddle formation
duran duran- save a prayer
jon brion- phone call
mirah- gone sugaring

little wings- boom!
lou reed- perfect day
beck- everybody's gotta learn sometime
felix da housecat- ready 2 wear
postal service- natural anthem
architecture in helsinki- one heavy february
interpol- narc
the microphones- I am bored
brian reitzell & roger manning jr.- on the subway
todd rundgren- hello it's me
cat power- no sense
fleetwood mac- dreams

the fourth and last of the series is called "because" and some of the tracks I still don't know who they are and wont until Landon tells me:

unknown track
kings of convenience- i'd rather dance with you
unknown track
unknown track
kazumi nikaidoh- pulsation
LCD soundsystem- tribulations
manhead feat. christian kreuz- BSWD
mirah- sun
magnetic fields- i don't want to get over you
the arcade fire- haiti
grandaddy- miner at the dial-a-view
mirah- we're both so sorry

neil young- one of these days
the arcade fire- neighborhood #3 (power out)
metric- dead disco
mum- i can't feel my hand anymore, it's alright, sleep tight
devo- gut feeling
mathieu boogaerts- ondule
little wings- look at what the light did now
jane birkin- elaeudania téïtéïa
vashti bunyan- rose hip november
devendra banhart- we all know
cat power- you may know him
cocorosie- terrible angels
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[03 Feb 2005|01:09pm]
I know you didn't mean it and you're sorry that I left
I'll go right on pretending I’ve got nothing to regret
Except all of the times we wasted giving only second best
You always seemed to lose the spark when I was only half undressed
I drove across a sea of ice to find my own command
The distance paid a lonesome price to see its motherland
Now if you would unbuckle sir, receive your reprimand
And hey I’m sorry 'bout so much baby but I know you'll understand
I'm sorry 'bout so much baby but I know you'll understand

How can I ever apologize? I meant you no such harm
I never knew I could possess that fatal kind of charm
I just wanted to be good to you but I found I was disarmed
By a lifetime of disillusionment and the distraction of the stars
I abdicated now I’m just a prince without a land
My subjects all adore me but for this I have been banned
Now could I trade my guilt for a good flogging by your hand?
And hey I’m sorry 'bout so much baby but I know you'll understand
I'm sorry 'bout so much baby but I know you'll understand

I can't understand why you refuse my one request
Just to press against my weaponry and then lay bare your chest
Challenges like these can be won or lost or laid to rest
Now we both agree to separate from the lonely castle steps
The kingdom is destabilized, the watchtower unmanned
The bedroom lies abandoned and the future is unplanned
But we've got the past to remind us of what's chivalrous and grand
And hey I’m sorry 'bout so much baby but I know you'll understand
I'm sorry 'bout so much baby but I know you'll understand
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love beards? on myspace? [21 Jan 2005|11:11pm]

[07 Dec 2004|03:46pm]
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[04 Dec 2004|08:29pm]
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[16 Nov 2004|09:31pm]
i wake up and i'm fine
with my dreaming still on my mind
but it don't take long you see
for the demons to come and visit me
and i've got my problems
sometimes love don't solve them
but i end each day
in a song

it's a hard life
for a man with no wife
baby it's a hard life
god makes you live
but without it
baby don't doubt it
you don't even have
your tears to give

i know i'm a hard man
to live with sometimes
maybe it ain't in me to make you a happy wife of mine
and maybe you'll kill me
honey i don't blame you
if i was in your place
maybe that's what i would do

but i ain't breathing
let me breathe
let me go
let me leave
i don't know but i like blues

dream about me talk trash under your breath. [02 Nov 2004|04:19pm]
so like this journal is totally like friends only, so like if you want to like read all the like awesome things I do you can totally like add me and maybe, like if you are lucky, I will like add you back. cool?
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kip [28 Oct 2004|09:19am]
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[21 Oct 2004|11:04pm]
i am soo durnk drunk crunk monksdf askldjflasdjflasdjflasd fewejrlasjfl i jlasdjflds totally made o;ut iwthdjsdlfjsldjfsld fsdlhhaahh dflkasdjflasjfl i am so silly i jsut wanted to help a kid out help them do it right but sdljfsdljfl i am so drunk i love watson's daddy and even drunk i kow not to dsy his name but i called him tonight and left him a drunk mesage ascross the country and love and love and lvoe and i can not wait to have him badck with me and back in my arm and nesfds
dfbed bed bed bed bed.
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break it open it split it fuck it fit me [18 Oct 2004|02:09pm]
fit me fit me I fit you you fit me we fit hot damn we do!

Rob and Christian
are amazing artists.


[18 Oct 2004|01:57pm]
drop that phone. sleep on the floor. dream about me.

[13 Oct 2004|11:06pm]
Get a real job
Keep the wind to your back and the sun on your face
All the immediate unknowns
Are better than knowing this tired and lonely fate
Does he love you?
Does he love you?
Will he hold your tiny face in his hands?

I guess it's spring, I didn't know
It's always seventy-five with no melting snow
A married man, he visits me
I receive his letters in the mail twice a week

And I think he loves me
And when he leaves her
He's coming out to California

I guess it all worked out
There's a ring on your finger and the baby's due out
You share a place by the park
And run a shop for antiques downtown

And he loves you
Yeah he loves you
And the two of you will soon become three
And he loves you
Even though you
Used to say you were flawed if you weren't free

Let's not forget ourselves good friend
You and I were almost dead
And you're better off for leaving
Yeah you're better off for leaving

Late at night
I get the phone
You're at the shop sobbing all alone
Your confession it's coming out
You only married him
You felt your time was running out

But now you love him
And your baby
At last you are complete
But he's distant and you found him
On the phone pleading saying "Baby I love you
And I'll leave her and I'm coming out to California"

Let's not forget ourselves good friend
I am flawed if I'm not free
And your husband will never leave you
He will never leave you for me

[10 Oct 2004|02:01pm]
geez I love The Cars.
geez I love him too.
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[06 Oct 2004|09:47am]
it has started to rain and now it wont stop
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[03 Oct 2004|11:44am]
I had a crazy dream last night, but you were not in it. Thank GOD.

[02 Oct 2004|12:50pm]
And we played heads-up-seven-up
And now I know that I am in love.
And we played heads-up-seven-up
You touched my heart when you touched my thumb.

And we played heads-up-seven-up
And I thought that we were in love.
And we played heads-up-seven-up
You broke my heart when you touched her thumb.

And we played heads-up-seven-up
How could I have been so dumb?
And we played heads-up-seven-up
You broke my heart now I'll break your thumbs!
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[30 Jun 2004|04:16pm]
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. [17 Mar 2004|09:07am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Cold light
hot night
be my heater be my lover
and we could do it to each other
cold light
hot night
be my heater be my lover
and we could do it to each other
go go go
Ride daddy ride
ride out the tide
I'd rather die
than say goodbye
and watch you go
go go go
cold light
hot night
be my heater be my lover
and we could do it to each other
yeah we could do it to each other
well like a sister and a brother
go go go

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